Extrusion Laminating Machine

Mechanics Model : BDC-ES120-2600B
Mechanical details

Extrusion Laminating Machine(Jumbo bag lamination machine)

Model No.: BDC-ES120-2600B

1.Function: To improve the tensile strength and moisture resistance.

2.Chemical bags, jumbo bags, flex banner, water-proof and building materials

3.Suitable for: PP&HDPE woven fabrics, Non-woven fabrics etc.

4. Features:

Double extruder and double lamination machine can laminate the both side of film at once.

Greatly reduce the waste caused by fabric wrinkle

Equipped with both sides dust cleaning device and fabric spreading device for jumbo bag

Technical parameters

screw diameter : 120mm

Die lip width : 2650mm

Width of products : 1600-2500mm

Compounding thickness : 0.012-0.05mm

Max.machine speed : 120 m/min

Total power : 320kw

Dimensions(L*W*H)(m) : 25 x 16x 4.5m

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