Extrusion Laminating Machine

Mechanics Model : BDC-ES75-800D
Mechanical details

1. BDC-ES75-800D Extrusion Laminating Machine

(BOPP point to point joint and speed reducing free for double side)   

2. Function:

To strengthen flexibility and moisture proof by Laminating and coating different raw material

3. Application:

Widely used for chemical bag, fertilizer bag, cement bag, rice bag, sugar bag, pet food bag etc.   

4. Suitable for:PP、HDPE woven fabric、non woven fabric, paper etc.

5. Features:


Extrusion Laminating Machine keeps production in high speed. It has automatic point to point joint for roll to roll. Operators do not require special technic to control, one can complete all setting and operation by using PLC control system.

6. Technical parameters

Screw dia. (mm)75

Die width (mm)1050

Working width (mm)300-700

Coating thickness (mm)0.012-0.05

Max. mechanical speed (m/min)200

Total power (kw)165

Dimensions (L*W*H)(m)23*9*2.5

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